Cards for Sorrow

surely the last time i cried from joy isn’t as exciting as if i posted about a time that I layed around and cried for days at a time due to crippling depression, but, eh, that wasn’t what was asked. so thinking about the last time i joyfully cried?  embarrassingly enough, it was probably after reading some internet meme on “50 Romantic Things” or something having to do with gay couples getting married.  that kind of schmaltz always gets me.  and although i PROMISE MYSELF that i’ll stop reading stuff like that (because who really wants to sit around and cry- especially in the middle of a weekday?) i still do. i still click on those links, and 35 seconds later, i’m a blubbering mess.

“75 Year Old Couple Weds After Dating for 50 Years?” i’ll click it.

“Soldier Home After 2 Years, Surprises Kids By Hiding in a Box?” i’ll click it.

“Elderly Couple Rescue Blind Pugs?” oh, you better believe i’ll click that.

there’s way too much depressing stuff on the internet, which we all know is a reflection on the world, and no one needs to be crying, but i’m a sucker for romance, and coming home stories and who doesn’t enjoy the feeling you get when you read about a good rescue?  i’ll click them all, and use 23 tissues enjoying these happy times.  i’m not ashamed. ok, so i’m a little ashamed.  but no one is usually around for the blubbering, so no harm, no foul.  i’m guilty, you caught me. send me to CRYING SISSYGIRL PRISON.

and YES, i am also guilty of REPOSTING those tear-inducing links.  i admit it.  i guess, it’s kind of like spreading an earworm to someone; you have “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” or “Gangnam Style” stuck in your head?  how better to get it out than to spread it like a mad virus via facebook.  same thing for a happytears-type of internet story.

i always liken it to the videotape from THE RING…. you let other people see it, they die in seven days, and you save yer own ass.  there’s nothing wrong with making twelve other people cry in their cubicles at work over a box of kittens that some twelve year old homeless kid rescued from a river, is there?  of course not?  why do you think the original poster put that thing out there in the first place? to win an emmy? of course not.  they posted it because they heard the story, and blubbed up their cubicle and had to spread those tears to each and every nelly girl within the sound of their sobbing, sniffling virtual voice.  i’m merely doing MY PART to pay it forward


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