Thriftsmas 2013 Overview

Now- saying that i am going to try and spend less than $50 for ALL of CHRISTMASS- seems crazy and impossible and stupid and whatever- especially when you consider that if nothing else, i do intend to make a basic dinner for my family of three. and let’s face it, we can eat. and that’s no joke.  i dont even want to tell you about thanksgiving….

i also will say that i am a thrifty shopper- and will pick up things as i see them on sale- so i DO have a lot of items/ingredients already on hand- i dont expect everyone else to have 2 bags of flour in their pantry-but, i do.

my biggest points of doing this are-

1.  I AM BROKE.  as broke as an actual joke.  with $2.71 in my checking account and debt and bills beyond my wildest nightmares.
2.  We do NOT need anything.  sure, i’d love some fab Le Creuset cookware, or a polished wood salad bowl, new carpeting and some Joann Fabric giftcards- but really i dont NEED ANYTHING.
3.  Consumerism makes me nauseous.  like, my facebook feed is constantly full of my friends buying new ipods and new iphones, new clothes, designer ‘bags’, new cars, jewelry, eating at trendy expensive restaurants, going on trips, technology technology and technology, and just more stuff than any person actually needs.  it’s funny when these people say that they are broke, but they’ve just bought new phones and cases of booze.  it’s pretty stupid.  no one actually NEEDS apple tv and ipads, JUST SAYIN.
4.  My dad passed away this year and i was left with his STUFF.  a worthless baseball card collection, tons of commemorative newspapers, sports memorabilia, junk beyond junk ALONG WITH my mom’s stuff from when she passed away.  my parents were indeed hoarders, and that, if anything, drives me to drink want to not have a ton of stuff.  less is definitely more.
5.  I’m a big believer in the whole REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE idea- and if nothing else, i have LOTS OF STUFF to reuse/upcycle.  i love to craft and have been lucky enough to get at least SOME stuff that i can make other stuff with (i’m resourceful bitch.)

i’m certainly not saying that this will be easy, but i definitely am up for trying; and i would hope that my efforts might make other people at least TAKE A LOOK at how much STUFF people waste money on and cram into their homes.


  • holiday decorations
  • presents for my son and boyfriend.
  • presents for our two TERROR DOGS
  • stocking stuffers for everyone
  • a SOLSTICE celebration (i’m pagan)
  • dinner for CHRISTMASS EVE
  • dinner for CHRISTMAS DAY
  • holiday baking
  • gifts for my closest friends
  • some stuff for my son’s birthday which is on the 30th of december.

Weren’t expecting all of that, were you?  considering the average amount that people spent on BLACK FRIDAY ALONE- was around $400 (fuck you all, very much)— this all might seem even more impossible…. i say BULLSHIT. i can do it.


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