Thriftsmas 2013

So. My life has been utter chaos for the majority of the year, and i’m not being dramatic, attention seek-y or exaggerating.  It’s just been one clusterfuck pile after another.  Between work and my revolving door of clients, my dad dying and leaving me with his STUFF, my friends and their hotmesses, the usual work in progress that is my home, my weight and sixty zillion things in between, i’m actually a little surprised that i made it to december at all-or at the very least- not in the crazy house….  Regardless, piles of shame, horror and that eviction scare, i’m very thankful to be rolling into the end of the year- despite not having a cent to my name…. $2.71 in my checking account to be exact.

this poses the problem of “WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO FOR CHRISTMASS?”– welp. to be truthful- i dont really NEED anything. i dont even really WANT anything.  i’m very ANTI-CONSUMERISM and unnecessarily upgrading electronics, and the whole idea of buying more CRAP to fill your already CRAP-FILLED house- so, i thought that this might be the year we really try and do a “CHEAP AS FREE” holiday…. so- i’m kicking off THRIFTSMAS 2013- and my goal is to spend under $50 for the entire she-bang for my family of three…. think i can do it?  i think so.

i’m definitely ready and willing.  i’m crafty, clever and thrifty.  i also have a family that appreciates handmade presents and are willing to do this with me.  above all, i’m flat fucking broke-as-a-joke- so i dont really have much choice.

this is what i’m doing.

here i go.


2 thoughts on “Thriftsmas 2013

  1. Oh hunny, hope life gets better soon, I had a rather poo run of things but trust me when you see the light at the end of the tunnel it’s oh so bright. As for the worry of Christmas sod it, what ever you come up with gift wise I have the feeling your loved ones will appreciate everything you have done, good luck and I just know that you will make it through 🙂

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