Quirk-ful Life

I have A LOT of bad habits.  most are fairly harmless.  BUT.  i am not willing to admit them here or now.  or ever.  at least publicly.  i masturbate at least once or twice a day, but i’m not ashamed of that in the least.  i don’t even feel slightly guilty about it.  i’ll just say that i chew my nails, that i leave the water running when i brush my teeth, and usually forget to use coupons and leave it at that.

what?  you say i’m a procrastinator?  that i make list after list and never finish it all?  i have several books in the works and am too afraid of failure to finish them?  ok.  so you got me.  so what?  i admitted to chronic, daily masturbation- isn’t that enough?  or i do need to also admit that i rarely follow through on anything?  that i rarely vacuum out my car?  am i supposed to talk about my swearing?  about my negative nelly/cynical jaded bitch attitude?  well, i won’t.

i love bloody gory movies, and don’t work out enough.  i love carbs and when i actually get the chance to read- i enjoy young adult fiction.  i don’t wear my seatbelt all of the time, and i’m a bit of a boozy partygirl, despite being a mother.  i get dandruff and would prefer to wear pajamas constantly if it was socially acceptable.  i just TODAY found out what macarons actually were.  i don’t recycle as much as i could.  i am extremely carnivorous.  i DESPISE romantic comedies.  i don’t consider myself a feminist and love when boys do stuff for me.  i hate my dogs sometimes and don’t vacuum steps.  i hate breakfast and red velvet anything.  i’m judgey and hate most people.  i am often late.

i am flawed.  i admit it.  hell, i didn’t even shower today and i was at the mall.  BUT.  i did take down and put away the christmas tree and visited a good friend.  i probably said ‘the f word’ as many times as i checked facebook and ate too much junk food.  but that’s who i am.  and i like myself a lot- even if I’m not guilty for walking around the mall unshowered.



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