You know who i would like to see read my blogs?
ACTUAL HUMAN BEINGS. having actual people read my blogs would be a start. i want honest-to-gosh PEOPLE to read. people that swear and drink. people that laugh and love music. people that are interested in connecting with OTHER ACTUAL HUMAN BEINGS and not just a bunch of greedy grabber, status climbing, book promoting, reality tv-watching, self-serving assholes. i want people to ACTUALLY read this blog, and actually have some feeling towards the things i say- and aren’t just looking for hits on their own blog.

it would be unrealistic to find other people that are like me, but if i could, that would be great. it would actually be better than great- it would be AMAZING. but since anyone that actually comes near this blog is actually just one of those self-serving bloggers that are only concerned in getting their own traffic, and they’ll just “like” me and then leave, like i’m a cheap whore, i’m going to go get some ham and say GARGLEMESH! but if you are real and want real connections with other real bloggers- hit me up!

i’m eating cookies, putting away the christmas decorations and watching AMERICAN HORROR STORY. what about you?

any takers?


2 thoughts on “GARGLEMESH!!!!

  1. I’m with you, I hate people who just hit the like button. It seriously drives me crazy!!!! I would prefer you just move on with your life than spend that two seconds hitting my like button without even reading my post. Hi, I’m Lysa, I just finished watching all 4 seasons of Downton Abbey. I’m a stay at home Mommy to my two wonderful (but drives me nuts) kiddos. If you see my little gravatar next to a like button, you bet your ass I read your post, even if you just posted a picture up, I will go to your page and actually like it from your page. My Christmas tree is still up and pokes me every morning when I go to open the blinds on my kitchen window. It’s telling me to put the decorations away and no matter how often I water it, it’s still dead. =)

    • Hi Lysa! I am the hotness called “*MissTheresa”, nice to ‘meet’ you! i haven’t hopped aboard Downton Abbey but it’s on my list. i’m usually late to the television show/movie party because i usually don’t like the same stuff as everyone else, ntm, i can’t watch a show that is currently popular since my fb is usually full of spoilers or constant reviews of the show. i’m better off binging on them when i actually get the chance to watch. my current fave is PROJECT RUNWAY— and i never in a million years thought i’d like it- but i do. i was always a fan of TOP CHEF and such bc i enjoy seeing what people can do creatively with limited resources and weird materials. good luck in taking the tree down- but don’t do it yet if it still makes you smile! i had no choice, we are celebrating my son’s bday on sunday and we needed the space… thanks for stopping by, you actual human, you! i’ll be seeing you around!

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