I’m Here, I’m Writing, Fuck the Laundry

I feel like i have been stuck in the movie GROUNDHOG DAY since we got back from Ocean City.  get up, go to work, come home and do 4, 521 tasks, crash into bed, wake up and do it all again.  how do other people accomplish stuff? do they have time machines?  do they have personal assistants and elves living with them?  i am nonstop do! do! do! until i fall dead at night, and when i wake up, it seems like someone has fucking ADDED stuff to my list.

the days that i need to go GROSSery shopping, or need to run to target to get cleaning stuff or run errands?  fughedabout it—- i will get NOTHING DONE beyond that timesuck.  i’ve been trying to go to the gym more- but who the hell has the time to waste the 2 or so hours every day?  i know it’s a matter of priorities, and i know i need to take care of myself, but my family also needs clean clothes to function, and meals, and the dogs need attention and i need to SIT and take a break from the insanity here and there. i average 4 hours of sleep a nite for godsake- and i’m ALWAYS doing something… ALWAYS.  i’m trying to write more consistently because i lost my momentum last year with precisely this trap- i’d have to clean out the basement or help someone move or i wanted to get out of the house to get coffee with friends (silly me!)-and the gross-ery shopping and laundry and and and and and—- i just never had enough time……….. so i stopped writing.  and that was sad and terrible and a mistake.  i’m making the effort to NOT fall prey to that again.  writing is so important to my life and my future and just my emotional well being that i can’t lose it again.  so i’m writing.


3 thoughts on “I’m Here, I’m Writing, Fuck the Laundry

  1. Dr Writingbolt recommends getting more sleep and fewer pets. What do you think other people do that you do not? What sort of writing? A blog isn’t anymore important than a journal or creative/professional writing. It need not be a daily task among the 4, 521.

    • well, the sleep isn’t a problem- i have never needed much more than 5 hours a night and function very well. the pets? they are a package deal with my spouse- so they have to stay. as far as what other people do that i don’t? well, for one thing- they watch 6-8 hours of tv (which i am fine not doing- i don’t watch tv). but other people go to movies and vacuum out their cars (it looks like i have a beach on the floor of my vehicle). other people go to restaurants and shows. other people must not clean their bathrooms.
      and i agree with you that writing shouldn’t be a chore-it’s just that at the end of the day after work and watering and feeding of the family- i have a limited amount of time (even though i go to bed around 3 am)- so i can choose to hang with friends, go to the gym, clean and maintain my home, volunteer (which i usually do 3 times a week) OR write. i hate that it gets lumped in with the hubbub of daily life- but there it is…. so i have been trying to block out an hour- of NOTHING but writing time… it has been sort of successful-ish.
      the real answer is that i need a clone.

      • I am amazed you get by with only 5 hours sleep. There was a time I’d do that and not complain too much. But, at least during winter/cold months, I am finding I need to get more than 6 hours (or suffer a severe lack of alertness and a foul mood).

        I’d talk to the spouse about the pets, regardless, if they pose any excessive stress upon you/your lifestyle. Emotional baggage is one thing. “Kids” are another. Pets are like children. And, some of us aren’t built to parent so many. Some of us say we want to have twenty kids when we can only really tolerate one or two. It’s the whole “eyes bigger than our stomachs” shtick. I know a young gal who really had to lighten her load because she was single and housing a zoo of reptiles. You see stories on the news of people like that losing it, losing their homes and leaving a mess behind. Why do that?

        I was raised on TV. So, like a drug addiction, it’s hard for me not to fill some hours with it. But, lately, it’s more crap than good. So, I need to break the habit somehow. I am slowly learning to like tea and books. I’ve done crossword puzzles for years…but they’re starting to bore/bother me, too, like gum without flavor.

        A beach in the car:P hehe ‘Might not be all bad.

        Going to the movies seems to be like marriage communication. It fails to happen. It’s just discussed and left aside. I do better taking myself to the movies and not thinking about who I am not with.

        Restaurants shmestaurants. I know some people who can cook but don’t and go out regularly. It’s costly. And, the restaurants don’t impress me as much as they try to sell themselves with smiles and fancy words for spices on meat and shrimp. I’d rather “veg” at home with something simple (but not so much of this packaged stuff that’s no good for anyone). [Note: I need to learn to cook more for myself and maybe have some help.]

        Going to bed at 3am? Insomnia or just what fits your schedule? I thought going to bed at 3am was crazy for me. But, some nights, I even go to bed as late as 6 or 7 am and have to jump out by 11. It’s not pleasant to say the least. I really would like to get to bed by midnight regularly. I have been a PC addict for some time now. And, like TV, that needs to be managed better, too. Solitude’s a bitch.

        At least you have options. Who cares about writing as much if you have those? If nothing else, you work in a half hour to an hour to write whatever’s on your mind like a quick PC journal. I can spend hours writing by hand…OR PC. I recently was working on a journal entry and realized I was typing for over two hours (and still wasn’t satisfied). You might have to cut out a volunteer day or friends night to get some writing time. I’d say maintaining the home would be the most important thing on the list lest something unexpected and bad arise.

        Don’t even jest about clones. That could happen, and then there might be some zombie outbreak or some other movie nonsense. I’m already concerned about the Terminator movies happening. Forget zombies. It’s computers and robotic people we have to worry about.

        Well, best of luck whichever route you take.

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