The New Phonebook Is Here! The New Phonebook Is Here!

so, i’m still a bit new to the world of blogging (under 4 months of actual writing), i mean, i’ve had a livejournal forever, but that was mostly just friends reading it, so if i just wanted to post a long string of cursewords i could. not saying that i ever did, but still, i could have if i wanted to. ok. so i did. i posted long strings of cursewords one time. or five or six. whatevs. but MY POINT- is that i had a captive audience for my writing, and most of them would have blown smoke up my ass and told me my writing was “awesome” or “so good” even if i had typed out “turdfart cacadoodoo”, so they weren’t always the best critics. when i got bold enough to take my writing elsewhere and asked people to give me their honest opinions, still, i only got “i liked that”, “that was good”, “you are a good writer”. THOSE ARE NOT REVIEWS THAT I CAN LIVE WITH.

so i joined the billions of you wordpress bloggers and jumped in- WITH BOTH FEET. i am technologically backwards, afraid of things imbedded with microchips and too stupid to read instructions or directions. so. i figure, creating this and my other blogs was akin to changing brakes and rotors on a car, sewing a wedding dress and giving birth to triplets all rolled into one. if it was easy for you- feel free to gloat for ten minutes and then bite me.

i’m currently second (and third) guessing myself about everything, along with deciding how important it is for me to have a large following or if i care if anyone reads me at all. you know, the same struggles all writers face constantly. am i an artist? or an author? or do i want to sell out? am i worried about making money from writing or is releasing my inner word demon enough? questions, questions, questions.

so i was thinking on all of this and looking at my stats and feeling happy enough with the hits that i was getting, knowing that most were actually humans (as opposed to in the very beginning when all of my “followers” might as well have been a big ol viagra ad or caspar the friendly ghost). so i have some readers and some actual followers. hell, i even had some comments that weren’t just bloggers phishing for hits on their sites. it was nice. and then i see that i am nominated for an award. COOL BEANS! at this moment, i don’t even care if it’s only because no one knows about me and the very lovely lady that nominated me just randomly flipped through and found me– it’s still a connection in this blogosphere- and at the bottom of it all, that’s really all i want. connections. so—— having said all of that- i’m doing my part for the Liebster Award dealie. maybe someone can finally help me figure out how to add badges and awards to my blog- because god forbid i should read and learn how to do it myself… any takers? beueller? beueller?

and now…. THE RULES…. *cue sinister music*
1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
2. You must answer the 10 questions given to you by the nominee before you.
3. You must nominate 10 of your favorite blogs with fewer than 200 followers and notify them of their nomination.
4. You must come up with 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

my thanks-
anywho- thanks to the very lovely lady from Fonts and Frosting for finding me and giving me a little exposure! *virtual kisses*

my answers-
1. Your favorite colour. But you have to be creative in describing it – without using the word.
my favorite color strays from ROY G BIV, combining the deepness of the sky with lush verdant foliage to create proud peacock eyes, tropical ocean skyline, jewel-toned flowers.

2. Books or TV?
ohmigod…. OBVIOUSLY books. anyone that says tv over books should be boiled in their own pudding and buried with a stake of holly through his heart…

3. The best surprise you’ve ever had
best surprise- was a weekend trip to Cedar Point and Kalahari for my birthday last year with some of my favorite people. it was an AMAZING trip. completely unforgettable. UN.fucking.FORGETTABLE.

4. Favorite character on The Big Bang Theory. If you don’t watch it (shame on you), then tell me your what favorite series is.
nope- don’t watch Big Band Theory- sorry. i’m just not a tv person. i have been known to binge watch some series show though– Game of Thrones (i love that nasty ol’ joffry) and used to enjoy Six Feet Under and Nip/Tuck, Ru Paul’s Drag Race. BUT. truth be told- my favorite show has always been THE SIMPSONS… and my favorite character is and always will be Mr. Burns. no shame.

5. Sweet or savory?
undoubtedly both. together whenever possible. trail mix, dates in couscous, granny smith apples in stuffing..yum yum!

6. If you could have a photo with absolutely anyone in the world, who would it be?
i’m not big on celebrities, but i WOULD love to get a picture with Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio from Top Chef.. again, no shame.

7. Safari or beach holiday?
i’ve been to the beach a million times and would go back a million more. ideally i’d love to get one of those personal cabanas and order up some froofy drinks in a pineapple and get sloppy drunk and make out with my boyfriend. i’m a really simple kind of gal.

8. Your biggest indulgence?
hrm. we’re an extremely frugal family, so anytime i buy ANYTHING that isn’t necessity- i consider it indulgent.

9. Summer or Winter?
fall. definitely. undoubtedly. 😉

10. Your travel destination of choice.
one day, when i’m a wealthy retired gajillionaire- we’re renting a fully loaded winnebago and driving cross country. i want to stop at all of the tourist traps and sit in the hot springs and see the stars from as many different points of the united states as possible. can’t wait!

my apologies-
alas, time is short and it is date nite and i have a delicious dinner of baked gnocchi, bread and salad and my beloved waiting for me… i shall finish this tomorrow! more for later!



3 thoughts on “The New Phonebook Is Here! The New Phonebook Is Here!

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  2. Please forgive me for only reading this now! When I tried to follow the link the previous time you linked to me, for some strange reason I couldn’t find this post. Anyway, to set the record straight, I didn’t randomly find your blog for the Liebster nominations, I randomly happened upon it and followed you waaaaaaay before that 😀 Your posts are entertaining – when I do get around to reading them 😉 Thank you for answering my questions, you’re the only one to do so. And if you still need help putting up the Liebster badge just lemme know! It took me some time to figure it out, but I finally did and don’t mind helping a fellow newbie out. But you’re gonna have to change your theme, because doesn’t look as if the current one supports widgets 😦

  3. Okay my bad, it does support widgets, just on the left as opposed to right (which is where I was looking for them…) So just shout it you want help putting the badge up 🙂

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