Sweet Sixteen

happyI COULD talk about my ‘sweet sixteen’ but that would depress the hell out of me.  while other kids were learning to drive and out shopping for electric blue prom dresses, i was taking care of my family and playing grown up to a failing household.  the situation is the subject to of so many of my memoirs, writings and things that i have read at open mic nights that i just don’t even feel like i can tell it again.

so instead- here is a list of sixteen things that make me smile-

  1. eating a piece of my son’s burnt almond birthday torte and pretending that it is a petit four that i am enjoying at a wedding.
  2.  snow flurries

    beautiful peacock eyes

  3. my son’s sense of humor
  4. meatless monday yummies
  5. a good cup of coffee
  6. finishing something i’ve been writing
  7. peacock feathers
  8. tattoos
  9. the SAW movies-  i think the puzzles and traps are so inventive, created by a twisted mind and brought to life for the world to see
  10. my boyfriend, lucas
  11. plants vs zombies
  12. a clean bathroom
  13. jammies fresh out of the dryer
  14. the smell of freshly baked bread
  15. butterfly gardens
  16. getting to sleep in

so, this list isn’t literature or heavy and deep, but it made me smile. so make that number 17.



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