Did People Get a Free Kitty For Creating a Blog?

With all of the writin’ that is going on, is anyone actually readin’?  i mean, seriously?   it seems that EVERYONE is a writer these days, in the way that about five years ago everyone was a singer destined for American Idol, and like ten years ago everyone was an actor.  i’m pretty sure 65% of my Facebook friends were all models three years ago too.  but now?  everyone is a fuckin’ writer.  i guess when people realized that spewing out videos for youtube and making tumblr accounts was more work than they wanted to spend, they gave up on that, because i remember not too long ago EVERYONE had a vlog and was making five minute video movie reviews and recording about their favorite eyeshadow color.  they were all going to be the next Tay Zonday, or Jenna Marbles.  everyone was looking for their instant ten minutes of fame and was expecting to go viral with videos of drunken party antics.

i guess none of that happened. so they’ve moved on to Pinterest and spend all day virtually pinning DIY crafts that they’ll never do and planning their platinum dream weddings from their cubicles at work.  it’s an incredible timesuck and so easy that a chimp could find 67 recipes for perfect champagne macarons.  but this only accounts for half of the bored attention whores looking for internet fame and glory.  so now they are all blogging.  i must admit that i don’t even click on the links to their pages anymore.  in the beginning i tried to be supportive so i would read about the great dinners they got at the local restaurants and the Power Mom meetings they had at Panera and what they ate there.  and how it’s so annoying to not be able to buy kale at Costco, or find Uggs for Little Kimmy except online.  or their blogs about the cruel injustice of Netflix not carrying their favorite shows and so they are forced to order the upper tier of cable so they don’t miss out on what Honey Boo Boo or Kim Kardashian are doing.  i can’t keep up.  i simply i refuse to.  and truly, i’m going to be honest, they are boring.  i hate reading their constant complaints on Facebook about what happened last night on Downton Abbey or Game of Thrones and i certainly don’t give two shits about their blog about how they would make Walking Dead better by adding more realistic weapons (or some shit).

i don’t expect any of them to read what i write and truly and honestly, 85% of what i write is purely cathartic for me.  i’m admittedly self involved and self serving with my blog too, but i am trying to build up a bunch of very like minded bloggers for my own little happysnark blogi-verse.  hopefully together we will outlast these flash-in-the-pan so-called writers until they move on to, i dunno, being conceptual artists.  until then, won’t you come and blog with me?


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