i am starting to have doubts about being a writer.

the other day i blogged about ideas that i had that never got published because of my lack of confidence.  i know that nothing is original and every possible topic on every possible subject has been covered in every possible way- but it still messes with your self esteem as a writer. it makes you wonder why you write. it makes you doubt that you can ever be successful. i’ve had pep talks from friends and motivating chats with other authors, and ironically read blogs on that subject. they all said about the same thing; that there are different types of success. that you don’t need to be Stephen King or a Jk Rowland to be successful, that art is just as important, keeping your integrity and blah blah blah. none of that helped shoo away my doubts.

the idea was still knocking around my brain this morning as i was perusing Facebook and i saw one of those ecard-y type dealies with one a line from one of the memoirs i read at an open mic nite a few years ago. coincidence? possibly. probably. maybe. i dunno. but it was eye opening and even made me a little queasy.

it’s not as if i need millions of dollars, or to turn out a five book series to feel successful, i just am very afraid of producing something that looks as if it is copied or plagiarized. again, i’m not trying to reinvent the writin’ wheel, i just hate copycat-ism. i just really hate the idea of it looking like i’m jumping on the young adult or mommyporn bandwagons even if it just might be considered a ‘trend’.

i know that writers and artists have been struggling with this subject forever and i certainly won’t be the one to solve it, but it’s a thought i have ever single time i sit down to write.

in a society and world that blogging is more popular than ever and social media is as integral to most people’s day as breakfast, is one more blog necessary? how many more tweets or Twilight knockoffs before people don’t even pay attention anymore? what are your thoughts on this, kiddos?


2 thoughts on “Quandry

  1. there are many pieces that are original. first, your brain is capable of developing a unique snowflake-like image that no one else sees exactly the same. One of the keys to writing original is to stop reading/watching nearly everything. For example, when I am writing another play, I never watch movies. Stay away from anything in that genre. It has worked well for me.

  2. hrmmmmmm….. that’s a super interesting thought, sir…..
    they tell writers that the best thing they can do is read, read, read. so, i try. i read as much as possible, in genres that i wouldn’t write especially- because that’s what “they” told me to do. however, now, i just see all of the same stuff, or stuff so much like things i have written previously that it’s crazy. so- like you are saying- that i should just STOP all of that, and you are absolutely right, that will definitely take away my self doubt. and make me see less copycat-like pieces. ok…. done.. i can do that.
    BUT! devil’s advocate-y here- what about everyone else? will they care? what if, even though i never have ever read, or seen a single episode of Game of Thrones and i just HAPPEN to come up with a book that LOOKS like something already out there… and i had NO IDEA— won’t everyone else cry foul? won’t everyone else point fingers and compare and question my abilities? THAT’S what i’m afraid of.
    so do i just ignore it all- and go for the gusto? and say critics be damned? how do i develop the confidence to NOT CARE, when in fact, i do sort of care- or eventually will WANT people to care?

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