on day 211 in the year 2014, i hope to have all of our credit cards paid off.  this is less of a dream and actually quite attainable as we have been using one of those credit counselingdebt programs for the last few years and are finally in the homestretch.  by july 30, i should also have my car paid off- WOO-FUCKIN-HOO!  so clearly, we’ll be doing monespend all the moneyy angels on the floor (think snow angels, but in giant piles of crisp twenty dollar bills)!  this will free up about $800-  *mind boggles*… i’m practically salivating thinking about all of that money!

we have been so behind on bills and so far in over our heads in debt for so long- there just still doesn’t even seem to be a light at the end of our impoverished tunnel, but it’s there.  we live paycheck to paycheck, day to day, on a budget of under $400 a month for groceries for a family of three and with ZERO frills in life.  we don’t go out to movies or out to restaurants,  we don’t have fancy cars and don’t have even cable.  hell, we use our neighbor’s internet connection for fucksake.  i can’t remember the last time i bought clothes or shoes and my bras have been reduced to basically some material attached to a string- the elasticity is all but gone.

easter candywe celebrated Thriftmas this year and didn’t spend a penny on anything other than Christmas dinner.  my boyfriend works overtime and i’m working on a second job.  i don’t know how we got so broke- but here we are.  the thought of $800 elevates my heart rate and i honestly get giddy!  i’m not looking at $800 a month for blowing on vacations or ridiculously unnecessary designer bags or clothes, but i WOULD like to buy some new underpants and i’d die of ecstasy to buy a new pair of jeans (i currently only have two pair and i alternate them every day- all week).  we aren’t going to go buy new phones or iPads or even ANY sort of technology, but it will be GLORIOUS to be able to buy MILK ANY TIME WE WANT.  oh.  it will be heaven.

we don’t have netflix or a dvr-thingy.   we borrow dvds from friends and get books from the library.  we play board games and make our own pizzas from scratch.  but these are things we enjoy, so that aspect of our lives won’t change.  but it will be SO AMAZING to say- “let’s go out to chinese” and just go.  it will be nice not to go into a panic when our brakes get squealy, or have a full blown panic attack when an appliance goes on the fritz.  OH MY FUCK! I CAN GET A HAIRCUT BY A PROFESSIONAL AGAIN INSTEAD OF TRIMMING THIS SHAG RUG ON MY HEAD MYSELF!  oh happy day!!!!

we are used to getting by on nothing.  and i mean NOTHING, and that’s ok, we’ve made it this far on nothing.  we don’t need MUCH.  we don’t need all the bells and whistles and frills like most people and have survived for a very long time with NOTHING.  when we FINALLY get SOMETHING, we aren’t going to change, we just won’t need to scrounge and scrimp and forego EVERYTHING.  we can have SOME THINGS.

bath salts

life will change.  it will be so much easier in 190 days.  and better.  and if not, hell, with $800 extra a month?  we’ll just fucking BUY a better life.



4 thoughts on “WE CAN BUY ALL OF THE THINGS!!!!

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  2. We’re also hoping to have the credit card paid off this year. Initially thought it would happen by March but now I think it might be more like June lol. I wish that July gets here really soon so you can start enjoying a little of that extra money 😉

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