C+ To the Schlub of the Week

caloriesi was a huge and horrible schlub last week.  i only made it to the gym once and the rest of the week i was too lazy to even think up an excuse not to go.  i DID, however, write every day which is awesome.  but, this also seems to be a never-ending dilemma.  i can either devote time to working out or writing.  i rarely can do both.  i’m not wonder woman and i certainly don’t have a time-turner like Hermione.

i know that in order to be healthy, i need to exercise and blah blah blah.  i know all of this.  but i also want to focus time on writing, and day to day life ALWAYS gets in the way.   i won’t be this extremely gifted forever and after i make it big, i’ll be able to afford one of them newfangled cyber bodies. or lipo.  whichever.  money will be no object.  either way, i’m gonna look GOOD, and i’ll be happy that i skipped the gym to throw down some of my masterfully written eloquence.



i wrote a lot, exercised very little, volunteered, tried out a new kick ass chicken recipe, FINISHED READING A BOOK (that was some sort of miracle) and— um….. well, yeah.  i think that’s all of the noteworthy stuff i did (that doesn’t include day to day stuff like work, laundry, cleaning, home maintenance bullshit.  so i get an “C+” for the week, (which is about as good, if not better than when i was in high school) mostly because i was extremely happy, wrote a lot and tried out a few new things.    meanwhile, i type this as i am 3 pieces into a box of assorted chocolates.  there’s always tomorrow.  or the day after.  or next week.  or when the fuck ever.



2 thoughts on “C+ To the Schlub of the Week

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