It’s Your Job Now, D’ya Hear Me?

to doi’m not sure if it’s the three cups of coffee or just a week’s worth of pent up guilt, but i’m twitchy enough to get my ass in gear and start crossing stuff off of THE GI-NORMOUS TO DO LIST OF DOOM… i’d like to thank my friends for peer pressuring me into starting six more projects and this cold February weather for my incredibly flaky DEFCON TWO-level itchy dry skin.

i’m giving myself ONE WEEK to finish everything on the aforementioned GI-NORMOUS TO DO LIST.  one.  ONE.  that’s it.  JUST ONE GODDAMN WEEK.  i can’t take it anymore.  it’s me or THE DAMNED LIST.   if i don’t finish it all, you have my permission make that, THE OBLIGATION to pitch me off of the front of a boat,  Jack-from-the-Titanic-style…. just chuck me right off.  i’m not even joking.  i don’t even care if i’m on fire and running from a pack of rabid, poorly dressed drag queens, if by next Monday the 24, i don’t have every single thing on my list done- it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, dear reader, to throw me the fuck off a boat…(or cliff, whichever is more convenient for you.)



6 thoughts on “It’s Your Job Now, D’ya Hear Me?

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  6. Ah, to-do lists! I tried working with them for a year… and found out I had more things undone than I had done. I stopped keeping them – and everything got done when it was supposed to be done. I’m not saying they can’t help some people but if they do anything, they just put more pressure on you to get things done and more so when there just ain’t that many hours in a day and the last thing anyone needs is to have one of those lists staring them in the face with all the things that have gone undone.

    So, I’m reading this on 25 February, a day after you said you were going to get all that stuff done; I hope you’ll come back and tell us if you did or not and if you didn’t, sure, I’ll throw you off of a boat, no problem!

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