Complaints R Us

complaintsmy phone is acting wonky.
i can barely keep my eyes open.
i didn’t finish cleaning up my dining room.
the neighbors are making weird noises that sound like one of those old school talking dolls, but underwater.
the laundry pile is sitting there mocking me. i actually heard it laughing.
my emails are sitting there, waving.
i want to pull out my hair- which also is seriously in need of coloring.
so- i guess i have to add “I NEED TO ALSO COLOR MY HAIR”
i kind of want to go out tonite to watch RuPaul at the bar, but that would require changing out of sweats.
i reaaaaallllllly want to comment on someone’s blog that needs a good kick in the pants…….. but i won’t.
or will i?
i REALLY should go to the gym tonite.
i’m running out of things to complain about.
i don’t want to do anything but watch Downton Abbey.
i have the attention span of a kindergartener.

all of these things.
BUT! i did get enough stuff done last week so that no one has to throw me off a cliff! so there’s that!
plus i had a great fun-filled weekend. i only hope that i can finish my TO DO list in full this week.
here’s hoping.


4 thoughts on “Complaints R Us

  1. Oh, no! You said that if you didn’t get everything done by the 24th, we get to toss you over the side and, sorry, getting enough stuff done isn’t getting it all done! Where’s Oakley Avenue and the closest body of water?

    • I KNOW! I KNOW! but! i do feel like i accomplished enough to not need pitched into a river (we have 3 here in Pittsburgh)- and i did do a lot of other stuff that wasn’t on my list- SO- at least for now- i think i’m allowed to slide on this. HOWEVER! i will keep on that list until it is finished. but i appreciate your steadfastness of holding me accountable! it’s good to know that i have some asskickers around!
      damn, is it the 25th already? *gets back to work*

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