About *Tee*

this is about me. no bull.

i’m *Theresa* a newly-turned 40, artsy-fartsy extroverted agoraphobic recession-proof pagan mom, writer, craftercook. i’ve been dubbed the “White Trash Martha Stewart”. i write mostly creative nonfiction and essays about life, bisexuality and being a hotmess. my biggest regret in life is a wasted degree in art.

~i love writing smut, THE “F” WORD, and enjoy making people uncomfortable. i hate capitalization, despise poor grammar and get turned on by sesquipedalians and unpretentious people with large vocabularies. that being said, i love making up my own words, hate editing, hate showoffs, and abhor writing poetry that rhymes (and reading it for that matter.)

~i tend to write things down on paper first- which for the record, i find both sexy and satisfying. people that still use pen and paper to write win MAJOR bonus points in my world. to me, the written word, is life, and if I don’t get all of the crazy stuff that is in my brain OUT- then I worry that one day i will surely explode. i write and write and write, and then go back and type it all into the computer- which is a great opportunity for me to edit the hotmess that i usually spew forth. and then I edit and edit and edit.

~i’m a self-doubting perfectionbeautyist to the point that I rarely feel that my writing is ever done. i overthink, am wordy and very self conscious of my writing, so much so that very few people ever hear the stuff from my books that I have been working on for years and years. i need writing challenges, to get the fire in my brain out and under my ass and finish all of the books that I have started. i’ve been working on a book for decades now, and i’ve stumbled over so many roadblocks for it that my goal is to finish at least one by the end of this year.
i plan to make this happen.

~most people have problems coming up with ideas for stories or what to write-but i am the opposite- i’m all START with very little FINISH. this is something I NEED to overcome- and am hopinghopinghoping that this blog will help me get better at writing the middle bits and endings that I need. I am very much looking forward to my journey here.

So that’s me, as ever,


interested in the more cynical side? the seamy underbelly? check out http://myboxedlife.wordpress.com/

or do you like smut, erotica, tales of sexuality? gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trans folk? nude sketches?
visit- http://theresawordwhore.wordpress.com


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